Smart Box; A small junction box, a great revolution ...


Imagine that the HVAC BMS field elements could communicate exactly like the bundled air handling units that are fully interoperable ... How simple would our business be ...

The smart box is a junction box designed to provide this, 
Supplying power and enabling Modbus communication for the field elements to which it is connected.
It eliminates cabling from each field equipment to individual DDC panels, and even DDC panels.

Input output capacity,

2 pieces of DI, dry contact
2 pieces of DO, 250V 5A C-NO
2 pieces of AI, 0-10V dc with 24V ac supply
2 pieces of RTD, PT1000
2 pieces of AO, 0-10V dc with 24V ac supply


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Saving; meters of cables, DDC panels and troublesome workmanship

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A small junction box

specially designed for HVAC BMS field equipment

Gains communication capability to field HVAC BMS equipment

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